Perforated PVC Strip Curtains


  • Fits directly onto any existing door frame/opening
  • Effective solution to allow ventilation & ease of access
  • Keeps out flies, wasps, mosquitoes, moths and other unwanted insects
  • Can be supplied as a self-assembly kit or individual supplies


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  • Perforated PVC strip curtains 200m wide
  • Perforated PVC allows for better visibility
  • Reduces heat loss while allowing air flow through
  • Curtain can be fitted on external or internal doors
  • Strip curtains can be easily removed and repositioned
  • Easy to maintain or replace damaged strips
  • Full instructions for installation

Kit Contents

  • 1 Perforated PVC strip 1m Rail
  • 7 Perforated PVC strip carriers
  • 7 Perforated PVC strips 200mm x 2.2m
  • Fittings
  • Installation instructions

Supplies Available

  • 1m Kit (Includes 7 Perforated PVC strips, 7 Perforated PVC carriers & 1 Perforated PVC 1m rail)
  • Perforated PVC strip
  • Carriers
  • Mesh rail
  • Full 50m Perforated PVC Roll

Delivery Options

Ireland/N. Ireland: €16.00
Mainland UK: €20.00


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